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A caddie is an individual, who carries the golf bag of a player and offers him or her advice on play and moral support. Hit that perfect shot after the caddie clubbed you and you are giving each other high fives and yelling Who’s Your Caddie! An expression that has been part of my golf vocabulary for over 40 years. will only offer advice on what we are sure about, post links we have purchased from that satisfied our needs, list companies and organizations we are familiar with that have a good reputation in the golfing community. Whether you’re on the road or sitting home on your computer, and you need to find a place to play, purchase a club but want to see all the manufacturers in one easy place, find an old golf invention to talk about, find the hottest thing to wear on the course we’ll post it, put those funniest golf video clips in one spot, or the latest gadget (that works). We truly want to be the most recommended site for golfers on the internet.

And like a good caddie we will only inform the player on the positives…let all the other sites focus on the negatives. So if you have a good experience about any of our links, or just love our site, please let us know at
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