Golf Stats

Some interesting statistical numbers about the great game of golf.


There are over 61,000,000 golfers worldwide

There is over 31,000 golf courses worldwide

Golf is a $60,000,000,000 industry worldwide


There are over 27,000,000 golfers in the USA

There are over 17,000 golf courses in the USA


There are over 2,300 golf courses in Canada


There are over 6,900,000 golfers in Europe

There are over 2,750 golf courses in the United Kingdom

There are over 684 golf courses in Germany

There are over 559 golf courses in France

There are over 480 golf courses in Sweden


There are over 500,000 golfers in South Africa

There are over 450 golf courses in South Africa


There are over 13,600,000 golfers in Asia

There are over 2,442 golf courses in Japan

There are over 500 golf courses in China


There are over 1,700,000 golfers in Australia

There are over 1,500 golf courses in Australia