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Golf Outings

How would you like to play on an A.W. Tillinghast or Donald Ross golf course in Northern NJ. Ross and Tillinghast were some of the most prolific architects in the history of golf. We’re putting together mini outings now.

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Golf Carts


Now if this has been a good year for you…start off your golfing season with one of these beauties!

Garcia golf cart 2

Garcia golf cart 1

Sometimes you would just to like ride in a golf cart instead of walking with a caddie…we understand. We also know a select few are able to purchase their very old golf cart…some more luxurious then others. Do you know they sell remanufactured carts?


Professional Golf Car is proud to offer the ultimate in remanufactured golf cars.  It is the Gold Standard Remanufactured Club Car. Look at these advantages:

    • Completely rebuilt at Club Car’s manufacturing plant in Augusta, Georgia.
    • Thorough 12-Stage process assures a top quality product.
    • Available in Palm Beach, Martin, Okeechobee, St. Lucie, and Indian River counties exclusively through Professional Golf Car, the area’s only Authorized Dealer.
    • Independent dealers offer only cars they have rebuilt in their own shops, with widely varying standards.
    • Backed by factory warranty.
    • About 30% less than a comparably equipped new car.
    • The best alternative to a new car.
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Golf T-shirts

We are developing a line of golf T-shirts. Let us know which is your favorite.

logo shirt white



viser ball


golf ball

Black shirt and

sky hole

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Old Golf Inventions

Pat. US1695598 by E.K.MacClain in 1928
Sand Wedge
A Texas golf enthusiast called Edwin Kerr MacClain was the first to design a club with a “extended bottom wing” specifically for playing out of sand. The design rights to manufacture the club were quickly secured by the LA Young Company, and amongst the early users of the club was Bobby Jones who used it to win the 1930 British Open at Hoylake. Unfortunately, as the club also had a concave dished face, which meant the ball could inadvertently be hit twice with one stoke, the club was quickly made illegal in the same year for competitive use. To the relief of millions of golfers thereafter a straight faced version was soon on the market!

An early Concave Face Sand Wedge with Sole Wing Tee Peg by W.Lowell in 1922
From the earliest days golfers had traditionally teed their ball up on small mounds of sand. In 1889 William Bloxsom and Arthur Douglas were granted a patent (GB12941) for the first teeing device consisting of a small rubber plate with three prongs upon which the ball was balanced. Various other ingenius devices were tried over the next three decades, but it wasn’t until William Lowell launched his “Reddy Tee” in 1922 that the form of the tee-peg became virtually universal. Although not strictly patented he did register the name with the US Patent Office.

A “Reddy Tee” 1922

Rare golf ball and

Rare 19th century golf ball ‘shows how gadgets were used in sport’

A 19th century golf ball attached to a small parachute has shown that participants of the sport have always used gadgets to improve their game.

The device called “A.J.B. Halley’s Captive Golf Ball” dates from the 1890s and has turned up for sale at auction.

These items are incredibly rare because usually they broke and were thrown out, but this little-used example is complete with parachute and box.

The object was to drive the ball and allow the red parachute to slow it down then help it descend closer to the golfer.

The person hitting the ball would then not have to walk far to retrieve it.

It was not particularly successful and the creation of driving ranges meant it was never likely to catch on.

The device includes a golf ball made from gutta-percha, which is a type of India rubber, which has a cord through it.

The cord is about ten inches long and attached at the other end to a red canvass parachute just a few inches across.

The golf gadget industry today is worth billions of pounds a year and this example shows that the industry is well over 100 years old.

It is expected to fetch up to 150 pounds when it goes under the hammer at Bonhams in Chester on February 24.

“These are rare items because usually they would be broken,” said Caroline Morrell, golf administrator at Bonhams.

“They were not held with great value or regard so it is unusual for one top have survives intact complete with its box.

“This one has not been used much and probably dates from the 1890s.”

She added: “I think in the end golfers came to the conclusion that it was too difficult to hit a ball which had a cord attached to it.

“And it was probably difficult to use if there was a strong wind blowing. The advent of driving ranges made things like this unnecessary.

“It does show, however, how golfers have always used devices like this to try and improve their game. There will be many collectors who would love to own this piece of golfing history.”

From the 15th to the mid-19th century golf equipment remained relatively unchanged. The clubs had long wooden heads and wooden shafts. The balls were made from leather stitched together and stuffed with goose feathers. These “feathery” balls cost a modern equivalent of £50 each, so playing the game was expensive. A Featherie Ball and Driver c1850

In 1848, a Reverend Paterson of St.Andrews experimented with balls made from a hardened rubber called gutta-percha. These could be made easily and cheaply, and within a decade they had replaced the traditional “feathery” ball.

Line-Cut Gutta Percha Ball c.1880

Patent GB17554 by C. Haskell in 1899
Rubber Wound Core Golf Ball

Undoubtedly a novel step in golf ball design contributed greatly to the growth of game. An American engineer called Coburn Haskell designed a golf ball with a core of elastic bands covered with a thin outer shell of gutta-percha. Nearly everyone found that they could hit these balls at least 25% farther, and within only five years this style of “rubber wound core” ball had totally replaced the “solid guttys”.

The use of wound balls endured for nearly all of the 20th century and it has only been in relatively recent years that ball manufacturers have moved away from the wound concept. Haskell Rubber Core Ball 1899

Patent 18668/1905 by W.Taylor in 1905
DIMPL pattern golf balls
Another leap forward came when William Taylor designed a ball with “over 300 shallow isolated circular cavities” or “DIMPL’s” rather than the normal raised pips as shown on the Haskell ball above. Spalding bought the rights in 1909 and made a series of models. Other manufactured copied the design in parts and termed their balls as “recessed”, “depressed” or “indented”. By 1915 the Taylor patent had expired and the term “dimple” became universal.

The Square Dimple or Mesh was the dominant pattern of the 1910’s and 1920’s. However, the round dimple design eventually prevailed as it was easier to manufacture and didn’t clog with dirt as easy.

Dunlop Gooblin Square
Mesh Ball C.1920

A 1935 round Dimple Ball.

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GolfWeeks best public coures in the country.


Bethpage Black…a US Open Golf Course


Listed by State…if you’re traveling and need a course to play…pick one of these gems

State-by-State 2009
Public-access courses

Includes daily-fee and resort
Editor’s note: The number of courses per state varies based on course supply, population and level of play.

(m) – modern course; (c) – classic course;
* – new to list

Alabama1. Limestone Springs, Oneonta (m)
2. Kiva Dunes, Gulf Shores (m)
3. FarmLinks at Pursell Farms, Sylacagua (m)
4. Grand National (Lake), Opelika (m)
5. Ross Bridge, Hoover (m)*

Alaska1. Anchorage GC, Anchorage (m)
2. Moose Run (Creek), Fort Richardson (m)
3. Eagleglen GC, Anchorage (m)
4. Settlers Bay, Wasilla (m)
5. Chena Bend GC, Fort Wainwright (m)

Arizona1. We-Ko-Pa (Saguaro), Fountain Hills (No. 67 m)
2. Troon North (Monument), Scottsdale (m)
3. We-Ko-Pa (Cholla), Fountain Hills (m)
4. Talking Stick (North), Scottsdale (m)
5. Ventana Canyon (Mountain), Tucson (m)
6. TPC Scottsdale (Stadium), Scottsdale (m)
7. Southern Dunes GC, Maricopa (m)*
8. Troon North (Pinnacle), Scottsdale (m)
9. The Boulders Club (North), Carefree (m)
10. Golf Club of Estrella, Phoenix (m)
11. Laughlin Ranch, Bullhead City (m)
12. SunRidge Canyon, Fountain Hills (m)
13. Grayhawk (Raptor), Scottsdale (m)
14. Talking Stick (South), Scottsdale (m)
15. The Boulders Club (South), Carefree (m)
16. Longbow GC, Mesa (m)*
17. La Paloma CC (Ridge/Canyon), Tucson (m)
18. Arizona National, Tucson (m)
19. Whirlwind GC (Cattail), Chandler, (m)
20. TPC Scottsdale (Champions), Scottsdale (m)*
21. Ventana Canyon (Canyon), Tucson (m)
22. Wigwam (Gold), Litchfield Park (m)
23. Grayhawk (Talon), Scottsdale (m)
24. Papago Municipal GC, Phoenix (m)*
25. Wildfire at Desert Ridge (Faldo), Phoenix (m)*

Arkansas1. Hot Springs CC (Majestic), Hot Springs (c)
2. Thunder Bayou Golf Links, Blytheville (m)
3. Stonebridge Meadow GC, Fayetteville (m)*
4. Mountain Ranch GC, Fairfield Bay (m)
5. Hot Springs CC (Arlington), Hot Springs (c)

California1. Pebble Beach Golf Links, Pebble Beach (No. 7 c)
2. Spyglass Hill, Pebble Beach (No. 15 m)
3. Pasatiempo, Santa Cruz (No. 29 c)
4. Rustic Canyon, Moorpark (m)
5. Barona Creek, Lakeside (m)
6. PGA West (Stadium), La Quinta (m)
7. CordeValle, San Martin (m)
8. The Classic Club, Palm Desert (m)
9. Torrey Pines (South), San Diego (c)
10. Indian Wells Golf Resort (Players), Indian Wells (m)
11. DarkHorse, Auburn (m)
12. Coyote Moon, Truckee (m)
13. Links at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach (m)
14. Indian Wells Golf Resort (Celebrity), Indian Wells (m)*
15. Whitehawk Ranch GC, Clio (m)
16. Pelican Hill GC (Ocean South), Newport Coast (m)
17. Maderas GC, Poway (m)*
18. Saddle Creek Resort, Copperopolis (m)
19. Eagle Falls GC, Indio (m)*
20. Pelican Hill (Ocean North), Newport Coast (m)
21. La Quinta Resort (Mountain), La Quinta (m)
22. Stevinson Ranch, Stevinson, (m)
23. Trump National, Rancho Palos Verdes (m)
24. Harding Park, San Francisco (c)
25. Olivas Links, Ventura (m)*

Colorado1. Cougar Canyon Golf Links, Trinidad (m)*
2. Lakota Canyon, New Castle (m)
3. Redlands Mesa, Grand Junction (m)
4. Red Sky (Fazio), Wolcott (m)
5. Haymaker, Steamboat Springs (m)
6. Broadmoor Country Club (East), Colorado Springs (c)
7. Raven GC at Three Peaks, Silverthorne (m))
8. Red Sky (Norman), Wolcott (m)
9. Fossil Trace, Golden (m)
10. GC at Bear Dance, Larkspur (m)

Connecticut1. Lake of Isles (North), North Stonington (m)
2. Wintonbury Hills, Bloomfield (m)
3. Oxford Greens, Oxford (m)
4. Great River, Milford (m)
5. Fox Hopyard, East Haddam (m)

Delaware1. Bayside Resort GC, Fenwick (m)
2. Deerfield Golf & Tennis Club, Newark (c)*
3. Back Creek, Middletown (m)
4. White Clay Creek, Wilmington (m)*
5. Baywood Greens, Long Neck (m)

Florida1. TPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium), Ponte Vedra Beach (No. 16 m)
2. World Woods (Pine Barrens), Brooksville (No. 33 m)
3. Sugarloaf Mountain Golf and Town Club, Minneola (m)*
4. Bay Hill Club, Orlando
5. Juliette Falls GC, Dunnellon (m)*
6. World Woods (Rolling Oaks), Brooksville (m)
7. Ocean Course at Ginn Hammock Beach, Palm Coast (m)
8. Southern Dunes GC, Haines City (m)
9. Breakers Rees Jones Course, West Palm Beach (m)*
10. Camp Creek, Panama City Beach (m)
11. Reunion Resort (Independence), Reunion (m)
12. Victoria Hills, DeLand (m)
13. Tiburon (Black), Naples (m)*
14. Boca Raton Resort & Club (Resort), Boca Raton (m)
15. Reunion Resort (Legacy), Reunion (m)
16. Doral Resort & Spa (Blue), Miami (m)
17. Innisbrook (Copperhead), Tarpon Springs (m)
18. PGA National (Champion), Palm Beach Gardens (m)
19. Reunion Resort (The Tradition), Reunion (m)
20. Sandestin Resort (Burnt Pine), Destin (m)
21. Turnberry Isle Resort & Club (Soffer), Aventura (m)*
22. Ponte Vedra Beach Resort (Ocean), Ponte Vedra Beach (c)
23. Lake Jovita (South), Dade City (m)
24. Golf Club of North Hampton, Fernandina Beach (m)
25. PGA Golf Club – Ryder Course, Port St. Lucie (m)

Georgia1. The Club at Cuscowilla, Eatonton (No. 39 m)
2. Sea Island GC (Seaside), St. Simons Island (No. 83 m)
3. Reynolds Plantation (Great Waters), Oconee (m)
4. Club at Savannah Harbor, Savannah (m)
5. Reynolds Plantation (Oconee), Oconee (m)
6. Long Shadow, Madison (m)
7. University of Georgia GC, Athens (m)*
8. Reynolds Plantation (National), Oconee (m)
9. Harbor Club, Greensboro
10. Sea Island GC (Plantation), St. Simon Island (c)

Hawaii1. Kapalua (Plantation), Maui (No. 66 m)
2. Princeville (Prince), Kauai (No. 85 m)
3. Mauna Kea Beach Hotel GC, Kamuela (m)
4. Challenge at Manele Bay, Lanai (m)
5. Poipu Bay Golf Resort, Kauai (m)
6. Kauai Lagoon GC (Maile-Kiele), Kauai (m)
7. Ko’olau, Oahu (m)
8. Maua Lani (South), Kona (m)
9. Experience at Koele, Lanai (m)
10. Maua Lani (North), Kona (m)
11. Makena (North), Maui (m)
12. Wailea (Gold), Maui (m)
13. Puakea, Lihue (m)
14. Waikoloa (Kings), Waikoloa (m)
15. Dunes at Maui Lani, Maui (m)

Idaho1. Circling Raven, Worley (m)
2. Coeur d’Alene Resort, Coeur d’Alene (m)
3. Whitetail GC, McCall (m)
4. Sun Valley GC, Sun Valley (c)
5. BanBury GC, Eagle (m)

Illinois1. Cog Hill (No. 4 – Dubsdread), Lemont (m)
2. Eagle Ridge (The General), Galena (m)
3. Glen Club, Glenview (m)
4. Weaver Ridge, Peoria (m)
5. Thunderhawk, Beach Park (m)
6. Pine Meadow, Mundelein (m)
7. TPC Deere Run (m)
8. Cantigny, Wheaton (m)
9. Annbriar GC, Waterloo (m)
10. Stonewall Orchard, Grays Lake (m)
11. Harborside International GC (Starboard), Chicago (m)
12. Kokopelli, Marion (m)
13. Harborside International GC (Port), Chicago
14. Gateway National, Madison (m)*
15. Bolingbrook GC, Bolingbrook (m)*

Indiana1. Prairie View, Carmel (m)
2. Fort GC, Indianapolis (m)
3. Harrison Hills, Attica (c)
4. French Lick Springs Resort (Ross), French Lick (c)
5. Purgatory, Noblesville (m)
6. Warren Golf Club at Notre Dame, South Bend (m)
7. Trophy Club, Lebanon (m)
8. Bear Slide, Cicero (m)
9. Brickyard Crossing, Speedway (m)
10. Belterra, Florence (m)
11. Heartland Crossing Golf Links, Camby (m)
12. Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex (Kampen), East Lafayette (m)
13. Otter Creek, Columbus (m)
14. Rock Hollow, Peru (m)*
15. Plum Creek, Carmel (m)*

Iowa1. Harvester, Ames (No. 73 m)
2. Blue Top Ridge, Riverside (m)*
3. Legacy, Norwalk (m)*
4. Spirit Hollow, Burlington (m)
5. Amana Colonies, Amana (m)

Kansas1. Colbert Hills, Manhattan (m)
2. Sand Creek Station, Newton (m)
3. Prairie Highlands, Olathe (m)
4. Auburn Hills, Wichita (m)
5. Buffalo Dunes, Garden City (m)

Kentucky1. Cherry Blossom GC, Georgetown (m)
2. Kearney Hills, Lexington (m)
3. Lassing Pointe, Union (m)
4. Old Silo, Mount Sterling (m)
5. Mineral Mound State Park GC, Eddyville (m)*

Louisiana1. Atchafalaya GC at Idlewild, Patterson (m)
2. TPC Louisiana, Avondale (m)
3. Black Bear GC, Delhi (m)*
4. Carter Plantation, Springfield (m)
5. Gray Plantation, Lake Charles (m)

Maine1. Sunday River, Newry (m)
2. Sugarloaf, Carrabassett Valley (m)
3. Kebo Valley, Bar Harbor (c)
4. Cape Arundel, Kennebunkport (c)*
5. Belgrade Lakes GC, Belgrade Lakes (m)

Maryland1. Bulle Rock GC, Havre de Grace (m)
2. Lake Presidential GC, Upper Marlboro (m)*
3. Links at Lighthouse Sound, Ocean City (m)
4. Whiskey Creek, Urbana (m)
5. Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay (River Marsh), Cambridge (m)
6. Greystone, White Hall (m)
7. Musket Ridge, Myerville (m)
8. Rum Pointe Seaside Golf Links, Berlin (m)
9. Queenstown Harbor Golf Links, Queenstown (m)
10. Maryland National, Middletown (m)

Massachusetts1. Red Tail, Devens (m)
2. Crumpin-Fox, Bernardston (m)
3. Cape Cod National, Brewster (m)
4. Farm’s Neck, Martha’s Vineyard (m)
5. Pinehills (Nicklaus), Plymouth (m)
6. Pinehills (Rees Jones), Plymouth (m)
7. The Ranch GC, Southwick (m)
8. George Wright Municipal, Boston (c)
9. Shaker Hills, Harvard (m)*
10. Dennis Pines GC, Dennis (m)*

Michigan1. Arcadia Bluffs, Arcadia (No. 32 m)
2. Forest Dunes, Roscommon (No. 82 m)
3. Marquette GC (Greywalls), Marquette (No. 92 m)
4. Tullymore, Stanwood (m)
5. Angels Crossing, Vicksburg (m)
6. Lakewood Shores Resort (Gailes), Oscoda (m)
7. Wilderness Valley GC (Black Forest), Gaylord (m)
8. Treetops North (Smith), Gaylord (m)
9. Black Lake, Onaway (m)
10. Bay Harbor (Links/Quarry), Harbor Springs (m)
11. Belvedere GC, Charlevoix (c)*
12. Eagle Eye GC at Hawk Hollow, East Lansing (m)
13. Treetops North (Fazio), Gaylord (m)
14. Orchards, Washington (m)
15. Boyne Highlands (Heather), Harbor Springs (m)
16. True North, Harbor Springs (m)
17. Pilgrims Run, Grand Rapids (m)
18. Boyne Highlands (Hills), Harbor Sprigs (m)
19. Mines, Grand Rapids (m)*
20. Sweetgrass GC, Harris (m)*

Minnesota1. Wilderness at Fortune Bay, Tower (m)
2. Giants Ridge (Quarry), Biwabik (m)
3. StoneRidge, St. Paul (m)
4. Deacon’s Lodge, Brainerd (m)
5. The Refuge, Oak Grove (m)*
6. Dacotah Ridge, Morton (m)
7. Legends Club, Prior Lake (m)
8. The Classic at Madden’s, Brainerd (m)
9. Rush Creek, Maple Grove (n)
10. The Wilds, Prior Lake (m)

Mississippi1. Fallen Oak, Saucier (No. 55 m)
2. The Preserve, Vancleave (m)*
3. Grand Bear, Saucier (m)
4. Dancing Rabbit (Azaleas), Philadelphia (m)
5. Shell Landing, Gautier (m)

Missouri1. Branson Creek, Branson (m)
2. Shoal Creek, Kansas City (m)
3. Missouri Bluffs, St. Charles (m)
4. Old Kinderhook, Camdenton (m
5. Creekmoor GC, Raymore (m)

Montana1. Old Works, Anaconda (m)
2. Canyon River, Missoula (m)
3. Whitefish Lake (South), Whitefish (m)
4. Big Mountain, Kalispell (m)
5. Eagle Bend, Bigfork (m)

Nebraska1. Wild Horse, Gothenburg (No. 27 m)
2. Bayside, Lake McConaughy (m)
3. Quarry Oaks, Ashland (m)
4. ArborLinks, Nebraska City (m)
5. Wilderness Ridge, Lincoln (m)

Nevada1. Shadow Creek GC, North Las Vegas (No. 10 m)
2. Cascata, Boulder City (m)
3. Wolf Creek, Mesquite (m)
4. Edgewood Tahoe, Tahoe (m)
5. Wynn GC, Las Vegas (m)
6. Reflection Bay at Lake Las Vegas, Henderson (m)
7. Incline Village (Championship), Incline Village (m)
8. Bear’s Best, Las Vegas (m)
9. Paiute (Wolf), Las Vegas (m)
10. Oasis (Palmer), Mesquite (m)
11. Rio Secco, Henderson (m)
12. Boulder Creek, Boulder City (m)
13. TPC Las Vegas, Las Vegas (n)
14. Paiute (Snow Mountain), Las Vegas (m)
15. Bali Hai, Las Vegas (m)

New Hampshire1. Mount Washington, Bretton Woods (c)
2. Portsmouth CC, Greenland (c)
3. Balsams Resort (Panorama), Dixville Notch (c)
4. Breakfast Hill, Greenland (m)
5. Owl’s Nest, Campton (m)

New Jersey1. Atlantic City CC, Northfield (c)
2. Ballyowen, Hardyston (m)
3. Twisted Dune, Egg Harbor Township (m)
4. Sand Barrens, Swainton (m)
5. Pine Hill GC, Pine Hill (m)
6. Scotland Run, Monroe Township (m)
7. Architects Golf Club, Lopatcong (m)
8. Wild Turkey GC at Crystal Springs Resort, Hardyston (m)
9. Neshanic Valley, Neshanic Station (m)
10. Hominy Hill, Colts Neck (m)
11. Royce Brook (East), Somerville (m)
12. Vineyards at Renault Winery, Egg Harbor Township (m)
13. Seaview (Bay), Absecon (c)
14. RiverWinds, Thorofare (m)
15. Sea Oaks, Egg Harbor Township (m)*

New Mexico1. Paa-Ko Ridge, Sandia Park (No. 43 m)
2. Black Mesa, Espanola (No. 94 m)
3. Piñon Hills Golf Club, Farmington (m)
4. Twin Warriors, Santa Ana Pueblo (m)
5. University of New Mexico (Championship), Albuquerque (m)
6. Sandia GC, Albuquerque (m)
7. Sonoma Ranch, Las Cruces (m)
8. Taos CC, Rancho de Taos (m)
9. Pueblo de Cochiti GC, Cochiti (m)
10. Inn of the Mountain Gods, Mescalero (m)

New York1. Bethpage State Park (Black), Farmingdale (No. 18 c)
2. Saratoga National, Saratoga (m)
3. Ravenwood, Victor (m)*
4. Links at Hiawatha Landing, Apalachin (m)
5. Leatherstocking, Cooperstown (c)
6. Atunyote GC, Verona (m)
7. Kaluhyat GC, Verona (m)
8. Bethpage State Park (Red), Farmingdale (c)
9. Sagamore, Bolton Landing (c)
10. Shenandoah GC, Verona (m)
11. Pound Ridge GC, Pound Ridge (m)*
12. Greystone, Walworth (m)*
13. Concord Hotel GC (The Monster), Kiamesha Lake (m)
14. Montauk Downs State Park, Montauk Point (m)
15. Long Island National, Riverhead (m)*

North Carolina1. Pinehurst No. 2, Pinehurst (No. 14 c)
2. Pine Needles, Southern Pines (No. 64 c)
3. Linville GC, Linville (c)
4. Leopard’s Chase, Sunset Beach (m)
5. Tobacco Road, Sanford (m)
6. Mid Pines, Southern Pines (m)
7. Pinehurst No. 4, Pinehurst (m)
8. Pinehurst No. 8, Pinehurst (m)
9. Southern Pines GC, Southern Pines, N.C. (c)*
10. River’s Edge, Shallotte (m)

North Dakota1. Links of North Dakota, Ray (No. 90 m)
2. Hawktree, Bismarck (m)
3. Bully Pulpit, Medora (m)
4. Souris Valley GC, Minot (m)
5. Medicine Hole, Kildeer (m)*

Ohio1. Longaberger, Nashport (m)
2. Shaker Run, Lebanon (m)
3. Black Diamond, Millersburg (m)
4. Boulder Creek, Streetsboro (m)
5. Stonelick Hills, Batavia (m)
6. Quarry GC, Canton (m)
7. Little Mountain, Concord (m)*
8. Cooks Creek, Columbus (m)
9. Eaglesticks, Zanesville (m)
10. Weatherwax (Woodside/Meadows), Middletown (m)*

Oklahoma1. Karsten Creek GC, Stillwater (No. 46 m)
2. Chickasaw Pointe, Kingston (m)
3. Jimmie Austin GC at the University of Oklahoma, Norman (c)
4. Cherokee Hills GC, Tulsa (c)
5. Forest Ridge GC, Broken Arrow (m)

Oregon1. Pacific Dunes, Bandon (No. 2 m)
2. Bandon Dunes, Bandon (No. 5 m)
3. Bandon Trails, Bandon (No. 22 m)
4. Crosswater, Sunriver (No. 99 m)
5. Tetherow, Bend (m)*
6. Pumpkin Ridge GC (Ghost Creek), Cornelius (m)
7. Langdon Farms, Aurora (m)
8. Running Y Ranch, Klamath Falls (m)
9. Eagle Point, Medford (m)
10. Tokatee, Blue River (m)

Pennsylvania1. Nemacolin Woodlands Resort (Mystic Rock), Farmington (m)
2. Bedford Springs Resort, Bedford (c)*
3. Olde Stonewall, Ellwood City (m)
4. GC at Glen Mills, Glen Mills (m)
5. Wyncote, Oxford (m)
6. Hershey CC (West), Hershey (c)
7. Hershey Links, Hummelstown (m)
8. Inniscrone, Avondale (m)
9. Lederach, Harleysville (m)
10. Raven’s Claw, Pottstown (m)

Rhode Island1. Newport National, Newport (m)
2. Triggs Memorial GC, Providence (c)
3. Montaup CC, Portsmouth (c)
4. Winnapaug G&CC, Westerly (c)
5. Exeter GC, Exeter (m)

South Carolina1. Ocean Course at Kiawah Island, Kiawah Island (No. 18 m)
2. Harbour Town, Hilton Head Island (No. 28 m)
3. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, Pawleys Island  (No. 98 m)
4. Dunes Golf & Beach Club, Myrtle Beach  (No. 94 c)
5. May River Course at Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton (m)
6. Tidewater GC, North Myrtle Beach (m)
7. True Blue, Pawleys Island (m)
8. TPC Myrtle Beach, Murrells Inlet (m)
9. Wild Dunes (Links), Isle of Palms (m)
10. Barefoot Landing (Love), North Myrtle Beach (m)

South Dakota1. GC at Red Rock, Rapid City (m)
2. Hart Ranch GC, Rapid City (m)
3. Prairie Green, Sioux Falls (m)
4. Elmwood, Sioux Falls (m)
5. Southern Hills, Hot Springs (m)

Tennessee1. Ross Creek Landing, Clifton (m)
2. Gaylord Springs Golf Links, Nashville (m)
3. Bear Trace (Harrison Bay), Harrison Bay (m)
4. Hermitage (President’s Reserve), Old Hickory (m)
5. Shiloh Falls GC, Pickwick Dam (m)*

Texas1. Crown Colony, Lufkin (m)
2. Pine Dunes Resort & Golf Club, Frankston (m)
3. Rawls Course at Texas Tech, Lubbock (m)
4. Butterfield Trail, El Paso (m)*
5. Barton Creek (Fazio-Canyons), Austin (m)
6. Waterwood National, Huntsville (m)
7. Memorial Park, Houston (c)
8. Barton Creek (Fazio-Foothills), Austin (m)
9. Wolfdancer, Austin (m)
10. Texas Star, Euless (m)
11. TPC Las Colinas, Irving (m)
12. Horseshoe Bay GC (Ram Rock),  Horseshoe Bay (m)
13. La Cantera, San Antonio (m)
14. The Bandit, New Braunfels (m)
15. Cowboys, Grapevine (m)*

Utah1. Sand Hollow GC (Championship), St. George (m)*
2. Thanksgiving Point, Lehi (m)
3. Coral Canyon, St. George (m)
4. Soldier Hollow (Gold), Midway (m)
5. Hideout, Montecello (m)

Vermont1. Gleneagles at The Equinox, Manchester (c)
2. Okemo Valley Golf Club, Ludlow (m)
3. Green Mountain National, Killington (m)
4. Stowe Mountain Club, Stowe (m)*
5. Jay Peak, Jay (m)*

Virginia1. Homestead Resort (Cascades), Hot Springs (No. 47 c)
2. Highland Course at Primland, Meadows of Dan (m)
3. Blue Ridge Shadows, Front Royal (m)*
4. Royal New Kent, Providence Forge (m)
5. Golden Horseshoe (Gold), Williamsburg (m)
6. Homestead Resort (Lower Cascades), Hot Springs (c)
7. Riverfront GC at Harbor View, Suffolk (m)
8. Bay Creek GC (Nicklaus) Cape Charles (m)
9. Kingsmill (River), Williamsburg (m)
10. Independence, Midlothian (m)

Washington1. Chambers Bay, University Place (No. 19 m)
2. Palouse Ridge, Pullman (m)*
3. Olympic Course at Gold Mountain, Bremerton (m)
4. Semiahmoo, Blaine (m)
5. Trophy Lake Golf & Casting, Port Orchard (m)
6. Home Course, DuPont (m)
7. Suncadia (Prospector), Roslyn (m)
8. Indian Canyon, Spokane (c)
9. Port Ludlow Resort (Tide/Timber), Port Ludlow (m)
10. Loomis Trail, Blaine (m)*

West Virginia1. Stonewall Resort, Roanoke (m)
2. Raven Course at Snowshoe Mtn, Snowshoe (m)
3. Greenbrier GC (Old White), White Sulphur Springs (c)
4. Greenbrier GC (Greenbrier), White Sulphur Springs (c)
5. Glade Springs Resort (Stonehaven), Beckley (m)

Wisconsin1. Whistling Straits (Straits), Mosel (No. 3 m)
2. Blackwolf Run (River), Kohler (No. 36 m)
3. Lawsonia (Links), Green Lake (No. 58 c)
4. Whistling Straits (Irish), Mosel (m)
5. Erin Hills, Hartford (m)
6. The Bull at Pinehurst Farms, Sheboygan Falls (m)
7. University Ridge, Verona (m)
8. Blackwolf Run (Meadow Valleys), Kohler (m)
9. Troy Burne, Hudson (m)*
10. Big Fish, Hayward (m)

Wyoming1. The Powder Horn (Mountain/Stag), Sheridan (No. 76 m)
2. Three Crowns GC, Casper (m)
3. Teton Pines, Jackson (m)
4. Bell Nob, Gillette (m)
5. Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club, Jackson (m)

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On and off the course.


Let us be your caddie on an off the course. A caddie is an individual, who carries the golf bag of a player and offers him advice on play and moral support. A caddie is expected to be acquainted with the rules of golf generally and a golf course in specific and to be able to advise his player as to club selection, shot yardage, pin placement, and overall strategy. Hit that perfect shot and you are giving each other a high five!

Who’s Your Caddie!

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We started based on that saying we all use on the course…after you give your friend a little advice on a shot they are not sure of and they simple pull it off! Giving each other high fives, jumping up and down like little kids…Who’s Your Caddie! . The site is based on that kind of advice, information and humor. We hope you enjoy and tell your golfing buddies!

We are just getting to the first tee box…the site has a long way to go. And we will let you know when we finish the 17th hole and proceed to the finishing hole!

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Golf Course Index Converter

We are looking to find a golf course index converter. Since we are launching in New Jersey first, one for all the NJ courses would be perfect. But we will need one for all the courses in the USA. Let us know if you know of any that we could link to our site.

Too many times you go to another club, step up on the first tee and say what’s your handicap…but it should be what’s your index…and how does that translate at this course.


Who’s Your Caddie

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